ELEPON's history us one of challenge in finding new techniques for water transportation and control, purification and reuse.

It is a history of contribution to environmental preservation and meeting the demands of the time.

Even now, ELEPON is striving to develop technology in anticipation of the needs of the future.

Use an ELEPON product and let us be a part of your history.

Head office and a factory
Company Profile
Company name ELEPON Corporation.
Head office 3-11-20, Torikaihonmachi, Settsu City, Osaka,
566-0052, Japan
Capital 10 million yen
Founded 1964
Established 1973
Directors President Masao Murata
Production and distribution of machines
for various kinds of industry.
Production and distribution of machinery
for various kinds of construction.
Construction related with pipes.
Brief History
January, 1964 CDM Corporation was inaugurated.
March, 1971 Changed the company name to “Elepon Corp.”
from “CDM Corp.”
March, 1973 Changed the company name to “Elepon E.C.A.P. Corp.”
from “Elepon Corp.”
April, 1973 Established “Elepon Corp.” and succeeded to the business section
of machinery for submersible pumps separately
from “Elepon E.C.A.P. Corp.”
October, 2001 35 million yen in capital increase, To capital 68 million yen.
November, 2003 Relocated our factory to Osaka from Nagoya.
August, 2009 Head office and our factory was moved.
September, 2015 58 million yen in capital reduction, To capital 10 million yen.
Place of business
Head office
and a factory
3-11-20, Torikaihonmachi,
Settsu City, Osaka, 566-0052, Japan

Phone: 81-72-653-7781

Fax: 81-72-653-7785

Tokyo Office
and Foreign division
Higoya Bld.2F, 3-17, Kanda Nishiki-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0054, Japan

Phone: 81-3-3292-3011

Fax: 81-3-3292-3010

Osaka Office Shin-Osaka Samty Bld. 502, 2-8-6, Higashinakajima,
Higashiyodogawa-ku Osaka-City, Osaka, 533-0033, Japan
Nagoya Office Active Cliente B, 1-13, Haike-cho,
Nakagawa-ku Nagoya-City, Aichi, 454-0844, Japan
Sendai Office Haidensu miyagino 102, 2-7-26, Miyagino,
Miyagino-ku Sendai-City, Miyagi, 983-0045, Japan